Tryouts 2018

Tryout opportunities

There are several opportunities to try out for NOISE in 2018!

To be considered for the team you must attend one or both of the Madison Mixed Combine and our NOISE Tryout event on May 19th. If you are unable to attend both of these events, please contact to let us know about your situation.

Invitations to our extended tryouts will be made after May 19.

If you are interested in the team this year, please fill out the NOISE Ultimate 2018 Interest Form. It will help with planning and we can keep you updated about additional opportunities to play this spring.

Why try out for NOISE?

We are building a culture of continuous team and self-improvement.  We will work to ensure that our actions and interactions on the field, sidelines, practices, and other team events are for the betterment of the team.  To do this, we’ll work within the mantras of accountability, trust, and compassion.

  • We will be accountable to ourselves and our teammates that we are putting in the required work to improve as a whole.
  • We will trust our teammates on and off the field; we will trust each other’s decisions; we will trust that when things don’t go to plan, everyone was doing what they thought was best for the team; we will trust everyone to desire continuous improvement.
  • We will have compassion for each other and recognize this cultureis a process. Just as we work to improve our throws or our cutting, many of us will need to work on enacting this culture. When we hold each other to our joint expectations, we do it from a place of trust.

By establishing and playing within this culture, we will put ourselves in the best possible position to win games and be proud of our team. We hold these ideals as important as a teammate’s abilities to throw and cut. We recognize that we are establishing a culture of growth, and those who commit to that growth will have the best chance to be part of NOISE.


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