No One Is Safe Ever

NOISE, the top mixed team in Wisconsin, has wrapped up our successful 8th season! Our mission is to prove that no matter who we come up against, No One Is Safe… Ever!

NOISE finishes 2016 as #9 in the nation and an Elite Flight team from the North Central Region. Look for us in the 2017 Triple Crown Tour!3xCrownEliteFlightLogo_500x500

2016 results:
Wisconsin Swiss: 1 of 24
US Open: 6 of 12
Pro-Elite Challenge: 10 of 16
Cooler Classic:  1 of 24
Regionals: 2 of 12 (3 bids)
Nationals: 9 of 16

Nationals 2016 Photo Gallery

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US Open 2016 Photo Gallery

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Tryouts 2017

Madison Mixed Combine Tryout – May 142-6pm, location TBD
NOISE Open Tryout – May 21 – 2-5pm at University Bay Fields by the pavilion.
NOISE Invite Tryout – June 3, 10:30am-1:30pm at University Bay Fields by the pavilion.

To be considered for the invite tryout and the team: you need to attend one or both of the Mixed Combine Tryout and the NOISE-only Open Tryout OR let the NOISE captains know if that is not possible.

If you are interested in trying out for NOISE 2017 we strongly encourage you to send an e-mail to and let us know! That will help us keep you informed of any changes due to weather or other opportunities for pickup this spring.

What is the Mixed Combine? In order to streamline the tryout process for players exploring multiple mixed teams, the established Madison-area mixed teams will be co-hosting a combine tryout event for players. Be prepared for a lot of opportunities to kick off tryout season with a splash as the majority of the time will be devoted to playing Ultimate!

The combine will be organized through a pre-registration process, so when you register please indicate that you are interested in trying out for NOISE.  Registration information and tryout location will be shared here and on social media when it is available.

What teams will be participating in the Combine Tryout?

  • Mad Udderburn
  • Boomtown Pandas
  • Mastodon
  • Mousetrap