NOISE (No One Is Safe Ever) is a fun & competitive mixed club team from Madison and Milwaukee. The team holds practice in Madison and attends local and national tournaments from June through October. Keep an eye out for our alter egos on QUIET in the offseason. 2015 USAU Club Championship Qualifier.

2016 Captains: Brittany Bergen, Fran Kelley, and Mike Swain
2016 Coach: Nick Heckman

Tabletopping instructions

  1. Find an accomplice.
  2. Select your target.
  3. One partner will get on hands and knees behind the target. Be stealthy.
  4. The other partner will deliver a friendly shove to destabilize the target. Alternately, you can grab the target by the shoulders and gently guide them to the ground.
  5. Scream “NO ONE IS SAFE EVER!”